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Every Sunday at 10:30 AM on the WATD 95.9 FM broadcast of “So what about that law” a co host or special guest in one of the areas of: Mortgages, (Stacey Jordan), Financial Planning, (special guest Blair Breton) , Insurance, (special guest, Jason Bourque), IT and Computer Services (Pam and Dave Snell) or Taxes ( CPA John Topham), tune in to discussions on one of these topics that affect all of us. All of these professionals’ contact information is on the Broadcast Page. Each Sunday the show is streaming on A Podcast posted on this website, WATD website, and Facebook . We hope you find the  shows entertaining and enlightening.

We’re Proud To Be:
2018 Readers’ Choice!

Bill Of Rights

  1. We understand that without our clients we have no firm.
  2. Each and every client and potential client is important to all of us.
  3. We understand that delighted clients will introduce new clients to our firm.
  4. We understand that a dissatisfied client will inform many others of their dissatisfaction with our firm.
  5. All of our clients and prospective clients are treated courteously and respectfully.
  6. We believe in our clients and we will not be the judge but the advocate, advisor and counselor.
  7. We are positive in our attitudes when conferring with or counseling a client or prospective client.
  8. We set reasonable expectations of success for the client no matter what the issues are but with a strong advocate attitude.
  9. We return all client telephone calls promptly.
  10. We are always fair and reasonable in our charges to the client.