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Every Sunday at 10:30 AM on the WATD 95.9 FM broadcast of “So what about that law” a co host expert in one of the areas of: Insurance, ( Lois Drukman ), Mortgages, ( Stacey Jordan ), Residential Real Estate, ( Andrea Campbell ) , your Finances, ( Joshua Singer ) or Taxes ( CPA John Topham ), join me in discussions on one of these topics that affect all of us ... check it out …All of their contact information is here on the Broadcast Page. Each Sunday's show is streaming live on …and the Podcast posted on this website, WATD website, and Facebook on Tuesdays, and don’t forget to check the show out on Twitter, iTunes and Soundcloud…we hope you find each show entertaining and enlightening.

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Mark Greene voted #1 Choice for Attorney in Hanover 2016  !


MG&A Attorneys Mike Fleming and Mark Greene discuss life and estate planning documents on Marshfield’s Community Cable TV . Click on the link below:


Attorney Mark Greene discussed the myths and set the record straight about reverse mortgages on Marshfield’s Community Cable TV. Click on the link below:


CPA John Topham and Attorney Mark Greene discussed the various business entities ( IE Partnership, LLC, LLP, S Corp, C Corp etc. ) and the liability and tax issues of each. So if you have a business or are considering staring up a business this show is for you ! Click on the link below: